Piano Preludes

These Preludes were written as an exploration in the relationship of keys and rhythms. They begin with both hand in the key of C, but then the hands move in opposite directions around the circle of fifths, exploring polytonality.

Gail from Piano Addict
"...the Preludes are not in any way stuck back in the early-mid 20th Century. They combine elements of jazz, contemporary song, syncopation, irregular & changing meters, and, of course, that unique take on polytonality."
Christopher Sahar
"Listening to Prelude 3 I'd say your strong points are the variety of voicings and use of registers. I like how the B section has the melismatic line aching to extend upward and become more elaborate."
Andrew Luck
"...you maintain interest throughout your music which is a difficult task for solo piano. Your harmony in combination with an internalized melody make for great listening.
"Reminds me of the first time I listened to Debussy's Preludes. Well done.

Ani Gyulamiryan gave the first public performance for some of the preludes; the recording you can listen to below.



Last modified 15 April, 2014