Symphony No. 2 Birds of a Feather Boulder Symphony Orchestra Symphony No. 1 Skimming Rocks & Skipping Stones TwtrSymphony

Biography Born 1962

Clarity of Melody with intense rhythms is a key element in the music of Chip Michael. It is important the listener have something to grasp in terms of melody while providing interesting, intricate rhythms, odd meter and complex counterpoint. The unique blend of rhythms and melody are what make Chip’s music appealing to audiences of all types from around the world.

Chip is also dedicated to promoting classical music of all types. He started TwtrSymphony in 2012 on the idea of creating an orchestra of musicians around the world, to play new music in a new way. They recorded Chip's Symphony No. 2 Birds of a Feather, written specifically for the musicians in TwtrSymphony, in 2012 going from creation of the orchestra, through auditions, and into writing, recording and releasing all four movements of the symphony in less than eight months. TwtrSymphony is now working on collaboration with other composers to create a CD of new orchestra compositions.

Boulder Symphony Orchestra announced Chip Michael as Composer-in-Residence for their 2010-2011 season. Conductor Devin Hughes created the appointment along with commissioning a new work for the BSO, Exchanging Glances. In 2010-11 the BSO also performed You Can't Catch Rabbits with Drums, the 3rd movement from Chip’s Symphony No. 1.

With the assistance of the Napier Development Fund, the Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra premiered Chip's Symphony No. 1 Figuratively Speaking in June 2008. A grant from Lloyds TSB Arts Foundation funded The Edinburgh Quartet premiere of Skimming Rock & Skipping Stones. The quartet has performed numerous other works by Chip over the past five years. The OneMile Programme funded the film "Under Assured" featuring Chip's music as well as sound design.